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Auckland Product Photography

I’ve just had the pleasure of photographing a whole heap of gift boxes for The Gift Shop.  These are THE most beautiful Gift Boxes I have ever seen. Filled and over flowing with stunning products all made here in New Zealand. AMAZING! These boxes are the most incredible gift to give and to receive.

The Gift Shop needed new imagery to showcase what was included in each box. Along with some hero images that told the story of their product offering to feature on their website and in their marketing materials.

I went to The Gift Shop and had a really good chat with them about their brand, their product offerings and what they were wanting to achieve with their product photography.

I spent quite a bit of time planning the flat lay shots to include little references to Kiwiana. Ferns, Kawakawa, Koru’s, Kiwifruit, Manuka and anything else I could think of I sourced and included. It was really important to get the message across that these products are especially chosen because they are made in New Zealand. I also hand selected flowers, fruit and other beautiful props to make the products and final photographs pop.

I suggested we get a couple of people to dress up and play the part of the giver and a receiver and I organized these models and a beautiful front doorstep to take these photographs on so that we achieved realistic and authentic final photographs. Giving a gift box is a super emotive act and I wanted to bring human connection and emotion into some of the final hero photographs.

A picture is worth a thousand words and getting your imagery right on your website is so important. Professional product photography is an investment that will pay for itself ten times over. When your customers are buying your products and services based on the images they see on your website you want them to look visually stunning, professional, enticing and prompt customers to buy/ act now.

I was super happy with how the final images turned out and so was The Gift Shop. Happy days! If you need product photography get in touch. Lisa Monk Photography would love to help.  


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    1. Thank you Pamela! I agree! I would be absolutely delighted to both give and receive one of these beautiful gift boxes.

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