Family Portrait Experience Unlike Any Other

When this beautiful family got in touch about photographing them again I was so excited. I had photographed them soon after their first child was born and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to capture them again, a few years on and now a fabulous family of four. 

As with all of my family sessions I meet with my clients in their homes prior to their photo shoot. This is such an important part of the family portrait process. I learn all about their family, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, personalities and favourite things to do in the weekend. I take the time to listen and really get to know each and every unique family. This helps me to build trust and develop a relationship with my clients and most importantly, ensures that I capture (in their final photographs) the true personalities, relationships and special dynamics within that unique family unit. A picture tells a thousand words and it is so important that my camera tells the unique story of you and yours. 

Meeting in my clients’ homes prior to the photo session also gives me an understanding of the style they like, the style and colour scheme of their home, the spaces and walls within their homes that they might like to fill with stunning family portrait artworks. 

This special family wanted to have grasses featured in their photo shoot. They also live in a rural location, so when I was planning and designing their portraits I wanted to incorporate trees, grasses and nature heavily into their photo session. This way, when they displayed their final photographs in their home, the beautiful rural landscape would flow from the outside into their home and would tie in beautifully with their stunning family portraits. 

Below are some of the final results of this family portrait session. This family was overjoyed with the final Fine Art Prints that they choose for their home. It was so wonderful to create these beautiful photographs for them to enjoy on display on a daily basis and for many years to come.

Get in touch to chat about Lisa Monk Photography creating some stunning and unique family portraits for your gorgeous family and your beautiful home. I’d love to work with you! 

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